inquire about an adoption grant

At Children Need Families, we understand how adoption presents anticipated and sometimes unexpected financial burden. By offering an adoption grant to eligible families, our aim is to ease that burden or entirely remove the hurdle in the adoption journey. All are welcome to apply. You must be working with an accredited agency or similar legal entity. Please contact us below to inquire about the grant application and process. Dedicated team members are available to help with the application, if necessary.


Who we collaborate with

Racing for Orphans with Down Syndrome – A CNF grant was awarded to fund 491 Down Syndrome children.

Kyampisi Childcare Ministries – A CNF grant was awarded to fund 19 survivors of human sacrifice.

Hand In Hand International Adoptions – A CNF grant was awarded to provide adoption escorts for 10 children.

Solutions – A Haitian based digitizing company. CNF is working with Solutions to digitize over ten thousand children’s adoption files for Haitian orphanages.

Respire –  A campus of 500 former restavek children (House slaves), Respire received a 50K grant from CNF for educational and other campus needs.

Goya Foods/Goya Cares –  Initiative working with CNF to connect orphanages in Mexico and the Dominican Republic with adoption agencies.